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Travel Guide

Bordered to the west with the likes of Greece and Bulgaria and to the east with Georgia and Armenia. Turkey is a large country in the Mediterranean that finds its home in both west Asia and south-eastern Europe.

It’s impossible to think of only one thing when thinking of Turkey. The country is incredibly rich in history and culture and is home to not just beautiful cities like Istanbul, but also to soaring mountains and perfect white sand beaches.

The capital, and cultural heart of Turkey, Istanbul is a lively cosmopolitan city, home to wonderful palaces. You will find labyrinth like bazaars, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques. When visiting holy places make sure you dress modestly and ladies - prepare to wear a scarf on your head when required.

Within the city there are some great museums to explore including the Archaeology museum and the Museum of Innocence. It uses film and other visual media's to document daily life in Istanbul from the 1950s to the present. A visit to Istanbul should also incorporate a stroll through the Sultanahmet district. Home to some beautiful landmarks, such as the blue mosque and Topkapi palace.

To truly get to grips with Turkey’s rich history you could indulge in one of the many available historical tours.  You will see a wonderful array of architecture with evidence of all the civilizations that have inhabited Turkey. Including the Byzantines and the Ottoman empire, but some of the most prolific remains are from the Greek and Roman times.

The best place to see those is in Antalya, which boasts some of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world.

On your holiday to Turkey you’ll find a country that is lush with beautiful green hills and vast white sand beaches all just waiting for you to explore. In-fact, the beaches in Turkey are beautiful with white sanded coves stretching out to topaz waters leading to lush green hills and beautiful mountains.

The Calis beach near Fethiye is a good choice for families with its long stretches of sand and calm clear waters. Beware, it’s a popular place and the touts that work for the restaurants close to the beach can sometimes get a little pushy.

If you don’t mind a little exploration you should head to Ovabuku beach on the Datça Peninsula which is surrounded by countryside. It is much more peaceful and there is usually plenty of space for those wanting something a little quieter.

If that’s still not quite enough then head off the beaten path to a lovely little town called Anmur. Located between Antalya and Adana which is perfect and practically untouched by major tourism.

Weather in Turkey

The climate is a mix of Mediterranean and Oceanic with temperatures reaching as high as 40°C in the south-eastern Anatolia region. Make sure you pack accordingly for what is sure to be an unforgettable holiday in Turkey.

Turkey Holidays monthly temperatures

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
10 11 13 16 20 25 28 27 25 20 15 12

Key Facts

Here are some key facts about Turkey:

  • Approximate flight time from the UK - 4 hours
  • Key resorts - Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum and Izmir
  • Destination Airports - Ataturk International Airport (IST)
  • Capital - Ankara
  • Currencies - Turkish Lira
  • Official Language - Turkish

Additional Info

A package holiday to Turkey is a great way to experience the country. Turkey is a bit of a tourist Mecca, but with a little exploration it’s easy to find some beautiful isolated beaches, waterfalls and quaint old villages. placing you far from the more crowded sides of the country.

Venture to Antalya in south west Turkey and from there head to the beautiful waterfalls of Upper and Lower Duden. Then just outside of Antalya you’ll find Olympos, an unspoiled stretch of sea and sand. To get off the mainland you could consider a boat trip from Bodrum harbour to the black island and it’s infamous hot springs and natural mud baths. If you prefer to stay active, then head to the coastline for a spot of scuba diving, wind surfing or jet skiing. The more adventurous can take a trip to the Koprulu canyon or the Coruh river (beautiful scenery all-round!) and have a go at white water rafting.