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Travel Guide

Sharm el Sheikh holidays offer an absolutely fabulous place in the sun; a beloved city of Egypt and a popular destination for British tourists, international travellers and not forgetting of course the native holidaymakers.

Imagine the bluest skies, tall palm trees, a hot climate, alluring beaches, clear waters and sandy-coloured modern architecture mirroring ancient temples. Yes! Sharm el-Sheikh offers a spread of history, natural beauty and luxurious features.

Flights to Sharm El Sheikh land at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, followed by a convenient 16 minute taxi ride to the city centre.

During the taxi journey the contrast of an engineered motorway against desert and rugged mountains appears quite magnificent.

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Sharm El Sheikh offers 5 star luxury hotels at very good prices.

Originally a port and fishing village, over the years, the shipping industry of Sharm el-Sheikh gradually receded and transformed into a tourist haven. The city keeps growing rapidly with new and exciting developments for natives and tourists.

It is loved by many for its various beaches with clear waters and avocations such as water sports are rife including scuba-diving, yachting, boating and windsurfing.

Another main attraction for coastline enthusiasts is sea fishing. This ancient recreational activity is very popular on the waters of The Red Sea.

Fishing tours are available for up to 9 hours and while floating on the waves there are also breathtaking views to experience like the contrast of the stunning Sinau mountains being just one of the landscape features.

If fishing is not a personal favourite, scuba-diving and snorkelling are also popular pigeon holes of the water sport wall.

Sharm el-Sheikh is considered one of the best places in the world for undersea exploration.

A spot of snorkelling? An amazing place is the Sinai Peninsula with its beautiful multi-coloured coral reefs and vast species of tropical fish illuminate the deep blue sea and resonate with life and colour.

Away from the coast, Sharm el-Sheikh has an amazingly green golf resort known as Jolie Ville, which is no ordinary golf course, but a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) golf course - so style, luxury and challenge lay between the 1st and 18th holes.

The nightlife of Sharm el-Sheikh happens to be just as multi-colourful as its undersea's coral reefs! At night, looking out at the city from a boat appears so surreal and magical with the city's neon and street lighting reflecting onto the sea - reminiscent of an intense abstract cityscape painting.

The city is streamed with bars and nightclubs, attractive to the eye with different themes; something for all walks of life.

Sharm el-Sheikh's old town is a marvellous attraction to spend a few hours looking around its shops and markets.

The old town has historic streets, vibrant, neat and tidy market displays specialising in fruit, spices and tea. Other markets sell clothing, fresh fish and poultry.

Souvenir shops can be found in this area and traditional restaurants providing quality local food are frequented by many tourist and locals - seafood being a popular dish.

The old town has more of a rustic atmosphere with simple, down-to-earth natives offering friendly customer service. In the background, beautiful mountain scenery can be admired while drifting from shop to market.

Sharm el Sheikh weather

This part of Egypt like most of Africa is hot all year round with temperatures up to 20 degrees C in winter and Summer months hitting up to 35 degrees C.

Sharm el Sheikh holidays monthly temperatures

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
18 19 21 25 29 32 33 33 31 27 23 19

Sharm el Sheikh holidays - Key Facts

Here are some key facts about Sharm el Sheikh:

  • Approximate flight time from the UK - 5 hours
  • Destination Airport - Sharm el Sheikh International Airport
  • Currencies - Egyptian Pound
  • Official Language - Modern Standard Arabic

Additional Info

Water sports

  • A great selection of water sports to choose from or to try all! Yachting, boating, snorkelling, windsurfing, surfing, scuba-diving, diving and many more!


  • Sharm el-Sheikh has beautiful beaches stretching a staggering distance of 22 miles! Equipped with sun beds.

St Catherine's Monastery

  • A trip out cross-country to St. Catherine will reveal Saint Catherine Monastery. Set in the mountains, words cannot describe how beautiful this holy place is.

Boat excursions

  • Sail on the sea and view breathtaking coastline, mountains and the bluest skies. Don't forget rods and bait for a spot of sea fishing!

Old town

  • Markets, shops, restaurants and traders galore! Enjoy and explore the old Sharm el-Sheikh ambience for a few hours.


  • 18 holes at Jolie Ville....and don't forget... refreshments at the 19th hole!

Ras Um Sid

  • A tranquil area offering family entertainment such as Aqua Park City!

Sinai Mountain

  • Located south of Mount Catherine (or Jabal Katrina) head here to ride a camel's hump!

This concludes our Sharm el Sheikh holidays guide.