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Travel Guide

Gambia holidays attract a large number of tourists due to its climate and wonderful fishing culture accompanied by a relaxed and very amiable atmosphere.

Gambia is located in Western Africa laying between Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. The Gambia river runs straight through the country, splitting the land into two sections.

Gambia looks out on to the Atlantic ocean. Sailing straight for thousands of miles...nothing to see..but sea...then first glimpse of land and first port of call is Venezuela... perched at the top peak of South America.

Safari style? Of course! There is plenty of wildlife to see from giraffes to monkeys to alligators!

Gambia is loaded with forest parks and reserves such as Kiang West National Park and Abuko Nature Reserve. Touring Abuko Nature Reserve will guarantee plenty of jungle settings and waters along with visitor interaction with wildlife.

On the south side of the river mouth is Banjul, the capital of Gambia. This unique city offers an array of interesting activities such as boating, fishing, markets, tours and plenty of walking routes to explore. River Gambia National Park is one of the biggest highlights in Banjul. The city dates back to the early 1600s and was founded by the British in the 1800s.

Located to the west of Banjul is Bakau, a pleasant coastal town with beautiful waterways and botanic gardens - and most of all - a stunning coastline with palm trees and white sandy beaches, warm waters and peaceful surroundings. Just like paradise!

Bakau possesses similar offerings to Banjul, with plenty of tours on water and land. Water sports such as surfing and snorkelling are rife, fishing is very popular...and out of the and tennis seem to be very popular activities.

After a long day in the sun and running about having fun...night draws in and Bakau is home to a cosy and chilled out area of bars and restaurants, where holidaymakers can have a beer whilst reflecting on their day's joyfulness. If more buzz and entertainment is desired, then heading 12 miles south-west to the coastal town of Kololi will offer its numerous busy bars and nightclubs. Also if gambling is a beloved pastime, then Kololi provides a stellar casino fit for a king.

Town by town, a similar trend of sporting and social activities run like a thread through the Gambia.

For all the family there are many things to see and do from shopping at colourful markets to sea fishing in the clear warm waters.

Gambia is a special place in the sun which guarantees a terrific and relaxing holiday...and most importantly, the tourists keep coming back year after year.

If you would like to find out more about Gambia, please take a look at  the visit Gambia website.

Weather in Gambia

The annual temperatures in the Gambia are in the 20s (degrees C) all year round - June being the hottest month hitting nearly 30 degrees C - and like England, the coldest month is January - only difference being January in the Gambia is 24 degrees C!

Gambia holidays monthly temperatures

24 26 26 25 26 27 26 26 26 27 27 25


Additional Info

Gambia holidays offer plenty to do in terms of excursions and days out.

Wassu Stone Circles

Head further inland to the area of Wassu. Here can be found ancient stone circles dating back to 300 BC.

Bijilo Forest Park

Visit this wonderful park to view the wildlife. Hold or play with a monkey or two. Have a walk in the forest. Get in touch with African nature.

Serrakunda Market

Located on the south side of the river is Serrakunda, the Gambia's biggest city. Here holds a vast marketplace selling almost everything! From fruit to fabric!!

Bakau Fish Market

Catch of the day and fresh fish available at this market located at Bakau pier. Simply wonderful!


Leybato, Sanyang, Kartong, Gunjar and Cape Point are impressive beaches of the Gambia. All relaxing and beautiful beyond imagination.


A fair number of widlife parks and reserves in the Gambia such as Abuko; Bao Bolong; Kiang West; Tanji; Tanbi and Niumi being a handful to mention.


Plenty of busy nightlife...bars, clubs and a casino.

And much more to discover.