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Travel Guide

Ayia Napa is a resort town on the southwest coast of Cyprus and is widely regarded by many as the premiere nightlife spot on the island. The beaches are picture perfect, with vast stretches of white sand and turquoise waters that seem to go on forever.

The little town of Ayia Napa is a different story, filled with bars shaped as sandcastles. There are a healthy selection of pubs pubs in the centre such as the aptly named ‘Organ Grinder’.

A familiar scene is the almost 100% tourist population walking the streets in bikini’s and shorts nursing hangovers from the night before. It truly is a drink till you drop party destination.

If you’re planning on a family visit for a package holiday to Ayia Napa then you should aim for one of the more up-scale resorts and stay there. Though they might be typical, they offer great accommodation and developers are starting to put a little more effort in to please the more cosmopolitan crowds.

There isn’t a whole lot to do outside of beaches and clubs in Ayia Napa - but they do both well - earning a world-class distinction.

The beaches were of course the first drawing points for the area - a long time before it became a pilgrimage for sexed-up Europeans.

If you’re heading on holiday to Ayia Napa for its nightlife then you will be spoilt for choice, though the main square is a good place to start the revelry. There you’ll find a huge selection of pubs and bars packed into a relatively small space, such as the Castle Club and Bedrock pub (whose cringeworthy greetings include ‘Yabba Nappa Doo’).

Watch out for the promotional staff here as you’ll be tempted by deal after deal. Expect club reps to shout at you from mopeds and as you pass on the street, the most ferocious of which are those promoting the strip clubs. They can get you genuine deals at some of the bars, but they can be annoying, even more so if they latch on to you or your group. Tolerate them but try not to be rude.

Some of the clubs are open until daybreak so many of them don’t begin to pick-up until after 11pm. The main square gets going around 9pm. You’ll find a little something for every taste including house, electro and hip hop clubs to name but a few.

With the bigger clubs such as Castle, expect to pay extortionate prices for your drinks. Some of the bars in the same area will give you free entrance tickets to the clubs helping to numb the pain a little.

Food wise, The best bet is to eat in your hotel, but many of the bars serve food too. You could head to the Blue Spice Restaurant which serves a variety of fresh seafood and vegetarian options along with local and international dishes.

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For more information on Ayia Napa, visit the Wikipedia article.

Weather in Ayia Napa

Temperatures are at their hottest in June, July and August...in the late 20s up to early 30s.
The coldest month January is generally 12 degrees C.

Ayia Napa holidays monthly temperatures

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
12 12 14 17 21 24 27 27 25 22 17 14

Ayia Napa holidays - Key Facts

Here are some key facts about Ayia Napa:

  • Approximate flight time from the UK - 5 hours, 45 minutes
  • Destination Airport - Lanarca Airport
  • Currencies - Euro EUR
  • Official Language - Greek

Additional Info


There are four main beaches - Nissi Beach has live music and an army of sunbathers - get there early if you want to reserve a spot.

Makronisos Beach which is a little more family orientated and on a whole less busy than Nissi beach - but at the expense of being a little further out of town.

Grecian Bay which is a sandy beach near the centre of Ayia Napa and finally, Sandy Bay which is a sheltered beach close to Nissi and popular with families thanks to its low key vibes.

You can hire power boats, jet-ski’s and other equipment at all the beaches and there are often bunjee jumps set up in summertime.

Culture / Excursions

If you decide to take a break from the beaches and the clubs of Ayia Napa, take a visit to Ayia Napa’s one cultural site - the Ayia Napa Monastery which dates back to the 1500’s. As an alternative, you could head to another area of Cyprus.