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TRH Palma Nova Review

This is my TRH Palma Nova review. The hotel is also known as TRH Magaluf. I thought it might be worth adding this as sometimes people get it confused. First off this hotel is one for the party goers. Stag and hen parties flock to this hotel in numbers and return at the late hours of the morning, 6 - 7am is pretty standard. So with that in mind, if you are a family, I would recommend that you find another place to stay. I stayed for 4 days at the TRH Palma Nova in June, 2014 for a stag party.

TRH Palm Nova Location

The hotel is situated at the top of a fairly steep hill, which makes walking up and down it quite the effort, especially if the sun is out in full force. It also ensues hilarity when trying to walk back to the hotel after you've had one too many to drink. Don't let this put you off too much, unless you've had an absolute skin full, then you should get your friends to help walk you back. Don't want to fall over backwards and do some damage! Despite the hill, the hotel is located very close to the strip. Turn right as you exit the hotel and then walk down the street for about 200 meters and on the next left is the strip. Which is like a ghost town during the day, but comes to life later on in the evening. Overall, location wise it's in a good place, close to the strip and not too far from the beach either. (To get to the beach, there are a very long set of steps on the left hand side of the street, going down just before the left turn to the strip).  I've deducted marks for the hill however.  3.5/5 stars

 The Hotel

Before I get into the nitty gritty about the hotel, I'd like to express that I honestly believe the hotel to be a 2 star hotel at best. It's listed as a 3 star, but I'll explain why I think otherwise. First impressions upon walking into the reception are quite good, it's spacious and is decorated quite well also. You can see down to the pool which was a good size and is well situated to catch some rays. There is also loud music playing, which was also quite good - or at least I thought! Things started to go downhill from there. The rooms were very basic, the beds were uncomfortable and the kitchen area was in serious need of repair. Drawers were missing the bottom section, so you couldn't actually store anything in them. Cupboard doors were hanging off their hinges and some of the sockets had their wires exposed. The room did have some redeeming features however. The bathroom was decent, plenty of space and the shower was also good. It maintained a steady temperature  throughout the day. Normally you spend an eternity getting the temperature just right only for the hot water to go cold after a few minutes! No such problems here however. Room service only happened once in the 4 days I stayed there. The only thing that I noticed that had been restocked was the toilet roll. The beds were left unmade, the floor messy and the same towels were present throughout my stay. Coming back to the loud music by the pool. After the first night I found out that the music plays from around 7am to 11pm, so if you want a lie in to nurse the hangover, you better be a heavy sleeper otherwise you're getting woke up by Iggy Azalea (That song was played so many times!). On the plus side, if you've only just come in at 7am, you've got 24 hour music on tap! If you are like me and came home at a modest time of around 4am, you are still going to be hard pushed to get some sleep as people are walking around the hotel complex drunk and making lots of noise. A popular thing for them was to ring the annoyingly loud door bells which did a great job at waking you up. The aftermath of the previous nights partying could be seen in the hotel. There were fast food containers and food left all over the place and some of the food was even smeared across the walls. A few doors down I walked past a lad who was fast asleep on the floor with his phone and wallet by his side. There was no doubt that he had a good night! Overall, I'd give the hotel 2/5 stars. Pretty rough.

Hotel WiFi

As far as I'm aware, to use the WiFi you needed to pay for it at the hotel reception. I think it was €6 for 12 hours and you could only use it by the pool or in the reception. Unless your room is close to the reception, you can forget about connecting to it. Instead you should venture outside the hotel to the Oasis bar which is directly opposite where they supply free WiFi, a pool table and food.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, if you are going as a stag or hen party and you are just after a bed and a pool. The TRH Palma Nova is a good bet, despite all of it short comings. If you are a family or someone who isn't into the 24 hour drinking and partying scene, then you should definitely seek somewhere else to stay. You just won't enjoy yourself. You can check out our Magaluf Holidays section over on the main website for more deals and a detailed review of the resort to see if Magaluf is the location for you.