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Mexico Travel Guide - My Experience

Having just been to Mexico recently for my honeymoon, I've got a fair bit to say about it and needless to say I had an amazing time! So without further ado, I give to you my very own Mexico travel guide!

What's Mexico Like?

To kick my Mexico travel guide off, I'll summarize it. In a nut shell, it's a really nice place to stay. I only visited the tourist / resort areas but just as everyone will say, you get an awful lot for your money! So starting off with the main thing, the weather. You can expect the temperature to rarely drop below 23°C and that's in the winter months, for the rest of the time I.e. from May to October you can expect anything from 28 - 35°C. I personally found this to be just right. For my honeymoon I went during what's called the wet season (May till September - You can expect a fair bit of rain or if you are really unlucky, a hurricane - hence the name!) which was the 22nd of September to the 6th October. During our 14 night stay we had 2 days worth of rain, 1 day on arrival (booo!) and then 1 day half way through. Before going I heard a lot of people say, that when it rains, it really does rain, however it only rains in short bursts, such as 12 - 30 mins and then it's glorious sunshine once again. I can also confirm this, although it was more like 45 minutes but after it had stopped it was back to being sunny again. So if you are thinking of going in the hurricane season, don't let the rain put you off like it did with myself. I was pleasantly surprised with just how much sunshine we actually got! If you would like some more information on Mexico, please check out our Mexico holidays page over on our main website. The weather aside, Mexico is a beautiful place with plenty of great resorts, beaches, excursions and night life. I would recommend it to anyone and I would definitely go back there again!

Is Mexico right for me?

Mexico has a lot to offer, so it depends on what type of holiday you are after. Since I went for my honeymoon, the wife and I were looking for a relaxation holiday and a resort that was free from kids or an adults only resort as they are more commonly known. So if a relaxation holiday is on the cards, allow me to suggest having a look at Riviera Maya. It's about an hour and 20 minutes drive south from the main holiday resort of Cancun and is the host to some amazingly good hotels, plenty of which are adult only. We stayed at the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma and I couldn't recommend it enough. Perfect for couples and honeymooners / anniversary's.

Mexico travel guide - El Dorado Seaside Suites

If however you do still like to party, there is a town about 30 - 40 minutes drive north which goes by the name of Playa del Carmen. A decent resort in it's own rights, but it's probably more suited for the party goer as it is home to a great strip of clubs and bars, one of which is the infamous Coco Bongo which is owned by the actor Jim Carrey! If you are looking for a decent night out and you are staying in the Riviera Maya area then Playa del Carmen is the ideal place to go. If you fancy a very touristy type area with plenty to do and great night life then Cancun is a must. It's basically just an 18km (or 11 miles if you prefer it that way) long peninsula that has many casinos, golf courses, shopping malls and even more clubs and bars. Each side of the peninsula is littered with hotels with white sandy beaches. There is also a second Coco Bongo which is significantly larger than the one found in Playa del Carmen. Don't expect a night out in there to finish until at least 4am!

Things to do in Mexico

My Mexico travel guide wouldn't be complete without a things to do section, so when you are away, you'll probably want to do one of the many excursions that Mexico has to offer. You'll be happy to know that you're spoilt for choice! We've got an in-depth section on the things to do in Mexico so I'll only summarise them here.


Xel-Ha is a natural aquarium or an eco park as it is commonly known as and it's the biggest in the world! You can do plenty of things such as swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, diving and some exciting activities such as taking tours of the park on zip-bikes (most of which come at an additional cost). My top tip for Xel-Ha is to bring some biodegradable sun block, as the park will not allow your usual Nivea or Piz Buin as it contains chemicals which cause pollution, which is fair enough in my eyes, however as we got there really early, there were hardly any staff around and they never checked. Don't worry about getting hold of some as the staff do supply you with sachets in case you don't have any to hand.

Delphinus - Swim with the dolphins

Another great activity is to swim with the dolphins. I passed this opportunity up as it wasn't my type of thing, however my wife had a go and enjoyed every minute of it. Delphinus top tip - Bring plenty of money! The cost of the excursion alone is what I'd call quite expensive and you'd think photographs would be included but they are not and this is where they really sting you, expect to pay over $200 USD for a photo album of pictures. This, in my eyes was a rip-off and was partly why I decided to give it a miss. I think they know you'll want photos so charge a premium for them and you know your wife / girlfriend / partner will want them, so expect to cough up at the end!

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