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Cheap New York City Breaks

The largest city in the USA and unlike any other in the world. The iconic New York skyline looks best at night, but is just as enchanting by day.

The city is busy and vibrant, slick and sophisticated - culturally diverse and thick with intrigue. Divided into 5 different boroughs - you’ll find a little something for everyone. With many museums and galleries, arenas for sports fans, boutique shopping for fashionistas and coffee shops. You feel as though you’re sat right in the middle of Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Holidays to New York are hard to forget as the iconic capital leaves its mark in the most unique of ways.

The 5 districts are each full of their own charm and each ooze personality. From the sophistication of Manhattan, filled with skyscrapers, quirky bars and cafes and an impressive portfolio of hotels. The trendy bars of Brooklyn - brimming with inviting attractions and interesting architecture. Don’t miss the traditional townhouses!

Although the city seems straightforward enough, New York is complex. A 24 hour machine filled to bursting with glittering lights, after-hours bars, cabarets and cobbled paths. All dotted with cafes that proudly top off the buzzing atmosphere with layers of caffeine and Jazz.

Speaking of Jazz, if you’re a music fan then we suggest a visit to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It’s often overlooked because it can’t boast the plentiful amount of clubs or fame of the West Village.

It has a vibrant jazz scene with nightly live music that’s an ‘insider scene’ - head to Mona’s. A ‘diver bar’ on Avenue B on a Tuesday night for an infectious offering of 20’s and 30’s jazz. If bars are your thing - then you might want to try one New York’s theme bars such as the Beauty bar where you can get a manicure while you sip your cocktail at happy hour.

Apotheke, where they serve drinks disguised as prescriptions and have bartenders dressed as 19th century Parisian apothecaries.

Last but not least, the Gotham City lounge where you can read a vintage comic while you drink a beer - a perfect place to indulge your inner-geek.

You should stay in Manhattan if you want to wake to sites and sounds of the big city. In Staten Island if you want easy access to New York’s beaches or in Brooklyn if you want to sample the best of what New York has to offer.

We have a great selection of cheap New York holidays for 2014. Including budget New York holiday deals and last minute holidays in New York that are perfect for groups, families and couples alike.

If you’re the kind of tourist who loves to go from site to site - taking in the country’s landmarks as you find your way around - then your holiday to New York in 2014 will be perfect. You can jump in an iconic yellow taxi and see the Chrysler building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park.  Make sure to stick to the sunset curfew and avoid this area at night unless you’re attending an event such as Shakespeare in the Park. Even then make sure you travel in a group. Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue and do a spot of shopping. Or why not head to the Empire State building and to one of the viewing decks on the 86th and 102nd floors for breathtaking views across the city. You’re not too far away from the beach either, as New York’s Staten Island is home to some 14 miles of beach.