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Last Minute Deals

Last Minute Deals

Last minute deals or last minute holidays can be a great way of bagging a cheap holiday especially when your budget is tight. There a certain things you can do to help drive down the cost. The main one is to be flexible!

If you can be flexible about where you travel to, how long you want to go for and which airport you fly from you can get the cheapest deals. We've coupled together some top tips that you can use when looking for last minute deals.

Last minute holiday tips

AS we mentioned before the key is to be flexible!

  • Don't mind where you go? - If you fancy going to a popular place, then you might have to broaden your search as the popular places tend to be more expensive due to demand. Try a place you haven't been to before such as Bulgaria, Portugal and Tunisia. Not only could you find a great deal but you could find a new favourite holiday destination.
  • Can you spare a few extra days off? - It seems pretty obvious that 10 nights away would be cheaper than 14 nights. However in some case it's actually cheaper to stay for 14. With this in mind, you should check if you can get away for longer for less!
  • Local isn't always cheaper - Depending on where you live, flying local might not always be cheaper. A good example is Durham Tees Valley airport in the North East of England. It's a small airport and offers limited flights, however if you can travel to Newcastle or Manchester you should be able to find cheaper flights due to those airports being bigger and offer a wider range of flights for less.
  • When can you go? - Being flexible on when you can fly can make all the difference. In most cases, just picking a flight that leaves a week before or after your desired date can amount in big savings. The best tip however is to avoid peak holiday dates such as school holidays and bank holidays. In order to get cheap deals for holidays on those dates you would be better off booking well in advance, otherwise you can save big on last minute deals!

Be sure to checkout this last minute holidays guide by Money Magpie for some more helpful tips.

Fancy a last minute deal?

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