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Cheap City Breaks to Paris

Paris! A city renowned for being a metropolis of romance. A perfect trip for lovers to explore a historic city, so big, that during a lifetime one would find it challenging to capture all sights.

The city offers so much to do in so little time as it is packed with bars, restaurants, bistros, pubs, hotels, parks and so on. 

All of Paris is generally busy all of the time as it has a population of 12.1 million but amidst this grand statistic there is always a romantic atmosphere at heart.

Paris is a fabulous city, a favourite of many famous personalities and tourists from all over the globe. It dates back to around 5th century BC.

Part of what makes Paris a fabulous city is its stunning architecture from centuries gone by. The most common features of buildings in the city are old windows with wooden shutters, apart from the Eiffel tower these architectural features are iconic whenever Paris is mentioned.

The Paris underground train system known as 'Metro' is speedy and efficient with an impressive underground network; helping millions of Parisians and tourists everyday get to their destinations.

In London, West is chic and east is not as chic... same applies to Paris. The most expensive areas appear to be central and west-end of the city heading all the way over to Neuilly-sur-Seine - a chic Parisian suburb. The North-east of the city (the 10th arrondissement or district) is trashy in general in comparison to North and East London. Trashy but trendy! Fashionable bars, restaurants, shops and hotels are in the many down Boulevard de Magenta which at one point criss-crosses with Rue la Fayette, a very long street with lots on offer.

Indeed Paris has the Eiffel Tower, The Palis Royal, The Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, The Seine and many other famous landmarks which are amazing to visit but the city in general, the streets and people are very interesting to observe and the more exploration, the city tends to alter in ambience. Other than walking, bicycle rental is available on the vast streets.

To view greenery, Parc Monceau located in the 8th arrondissement is a nice park to spend some time away from the traffic and busy streets.

Some have said the best food in the world is Parisian and this word of mouth rings true. Food is delicious practically everywhere and wines lovers are also in for a treat. Many brasseries and bars offering spectacular selections of beers and lagers on tap and by the bottle.

Shopping is a joy in Paris as there is so much of it! Good shopping areas in the city are at Boulevard St. Michel, The Latin Quarter, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Avenue des Ternes and many more!

Weather in Paris

Paris is located in the north of France and its annual temperatures pretty much mirror British weather...June, July and August are the warmest months but the majority of tourists go to Paris all year round, even in winter as during this season the city can appear at its most beautiful.

Average monthly temperatures

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
3 5 9 10 15 18 19 19 17 13 7 5


The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower. The city's most famous landmark located at the west-end of the city adjacent to the river Seine. Construction started in 1887 and took just over 2 years to complete. An elevator goes up to a first floor restaurant known as the 58 Tour Eiffel exhibiting wonderful panoramic views of Paris. Various other attractions share the same floor. Elevator up to floor 2...souvenir shops with another

restaurant called The Jules Verne Restaurant and again other attractions share this floor. When you finally reach the top floor of the tower you can enjoy a glass of bubbly available at the champagne bar.

Landmarks, Art & Museums

Arc de Triomphe. Another famous landmark in the city located at the west end, across the river from the Eiffel Tower, in proximity of the Chaillot quarter. A great place to visit at New Year! Absolutely jam packed with celebrations! The Arc de Triomphe is a neoclassic monument built between 1806-36. The architecture holds beautiful figurative and decorative sculptures.

River Seine. Catch a cruise and go down river to capture most of the city's sights.

The Louvre. A breathtaking, beautiful museum of art. Many of the great masters work is on show here, including Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa on display behind bullet proof glass.

The Pompidou Centre. More art to see! Located in the Beaubourg part of the city.

If religion and gothic architecture are appealing, 2 great places to visit are Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris and Sacré-Cœur church located in Montmartre, in the north of the city.

Moulin Rouge: A dance venue established over 100 years ago! Allocated on Boulevard de Clichy the street has a nice buzz during the evening with plenty of Parisians, tourists and brasseries to visit, then catch some dance entertainment at Moulin Rouge.