Great Barrier Reef

Ten Not To Be Missed Attractions in Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia covers the most of the north-east quarter of the continent. It is an immense place with outstanding natural attractions to tempt the adventurous traveller. It has a coastline of over 7000km, offshore treasures and an incredible landscape in the interior too, with unique wildlife, heritage wonders and breathtaking ecosystems.

Any list of attractions in such a large area is bound to be woefully incomplete, but here are ten amazing attractions that deserve to be right up there when it comes to choosing what to do and what to see in this majestic quadrant of Australia:

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Broadlea of Robgill, Lockerbie, Scotland. B&B

Broadlea of Robgill is nestled away in the farmlands of Lockerbie, Scotland. It’s a bed and breakfast located not too far from the M6 Motorway, however its far enough out the way to be quiet and tranquil, just like the countryside should be.

You can expect to travel along some single file roads to get there but finding it should not be a problem. I used a sat nav and it got me there with no problems. The bed and breakfast is also well sign posted.

I travelled here with my wife as we were attending a wedding nearby at Springkell House.

There is ample parking onsite and on arrival we were greeted by one of the owners who offered to take our luggage to our room.

The room we stayed in was moderately sized, clean, tidy and well presented. The beds were comfortable and provided a good nights sleep. The room had an electric shower which was powerful and held a steady temperature.

The next morning an English breakfast was freshly served up and there was also some homemade jam from one of the neighbours.

Kissos Hotel Pool View

Kissos Hotel – Paphos, Cyprus

I stayed at the Kissos Hotel for a wedding which was hosted at the nearby Kefalos Beach Hotel. It was to see my brother in-law tie the knot.

This was my first time in Cyprus  and I was surprised at just how much they catered for the English tourists. All signs, literature and the people spoke English, which was very convenient.

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Magaluf Beach

TRH Palma Nova Review

This is my TRH Palma Nova review. The hotel is also known as TRH Magaluf. I thought it might be worth adding this as sometimes people get it confused.

First off this hotel is one for the party goers. Stag and hen parties flock to this hotel in numbers and return at the late hours of the morning, 6 – 7am is pretty standard. So with that in mind, if you are a family, I would recommend that you find another place to stay.

I stayed for 4 days at the TRH Palma Nova in June, 2014 for a stag party.

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El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma – Mexico

My first post detailed my experience of Mexico and just how much I liked it, so i thought it would be a good idea to talk about the hotel I stayed in, the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma.

Prior to our arrival (myself and the wife of two days!) there where a few uncertainties  that I had read on the website and holiday brochures, they were:

  • Dress code, specifically for men
  • Tips

I’ll cover these two topics in some detail because i know they are common questions when it comes to staying at the resort. This post however won’t just be about those things, I’ll be giving the place a thorough review and for anyone who is wondering on whether to go or not, I can honestly say that myself and the wife had an amazing time there and would recommend it to any couple. Now allow me to tell you why!

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